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Holiday program – ExploreWorks

An exciting enrichment programme, brings work, IT technology and community to children with ASD. Individuals will experience in real work setting, discover potential work, explore tools, and interact with professionals!…

Healthy Aging

Getting older involves changes in all realms of life, from the physical to the mental to the social, emotional and more. Getting older also means getting responsible for the future…

Personal Development Plan

Consisting of 3 stages, a student can join our program at any stage. Participants will be exposed to industry projects, engage with inclusive employers and benefit from the sharing of professionals, some of whom are on the autism spectrum.


1 Week - ExploreWorks

Work concept, elicit interest to work exploration

3 Weeks - Preparing for work

Profile competencies, fundamentals of workplace behaviors (communication, teamwork, productivity)


3 months - Workplace training

Actual work experience, task management skills, personalised coping strategies development, behaviour change


6 months - Job coaching

Job redesign, induction, individualised training based on company's SOP

Long-term: Job support

Conflict resolution, skills advancement, career development

Events and Activity

Work opportunities

IT support

Web design

Data analysis

Healthcare assistant


Inventory Assistant


No. Our aim is to develop an individual’s employability.  Recruitment (or job matching) is only one step in the whole personal development plan.

Depends on the work opportunities, you may either work for Trampolene or Trampolene’s partner companies.

We would like to meet up with you to understand you better before recommending programs to you. You may contact us at, with a short description of yourself and attach a resume (if you have one).

We do not offer paid internship. You may tap on our workplace training program during your internship period, where you will acquire hand—on experience while learning work skills. For details, please contact us.

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Yes, we provide job coaching and counselling. Please contact us.

We will assess your employability skills first, and we may suggest you to broaden the job search so as to increase the likelihood of employment.

Most of our training is on the job training. We do run short-term training workshops or courses, depends on the request. Please register your interest with us, and we will keep you updated.

Yes. We provide post-employment support, including job coaching.

Yes, you may consider our aware program, and we will keep you in our mailing list for ad hoc activities, such as community immersion, fitness sessions, financial management workshops.

Please register your interest with us, or join our whatsapp chat group.

We welcome volunteers to become training assistant, job coaches, mentors, buddies; Or you may design and give talks.